Message to the sky, A Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines

Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines

Photograph by Dr. Akira Takaue, National Geographic Your Shot

Structural engineer and Your Shot community member Akira Takaue captured this shot at the Mall of Asia while on a business trip in Manila, Philippines. The city “has a lot of interesting and characteristic architecture,” says Takaue.

LongRich Philippines

LongRich Philippines

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Wonderful Sea Pen Crab


Wonderful Crab!

Sea Pen Picture — Underwater Photo — National Geographic Photo of the Day.

Scientific name: Crocodylinae

Scientific name: Crocodylinae

One of the best animal photos in 2013 by National Geographic!

Cherry Blossoms, Japan

Cherry blossom is called sakura in Japanese. It is a Japanese symbolic flower. There are various kinds of cherry trees, and an especially old cherry tree is called edo-higan.

Photograph by Hideyuki Katagiri

Cherry Blossoms Photo — Flower Wallpaper — National Geographic Photo of the Day.