Message to the sky, A Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines

Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines

Photograph by Dr. Akira Takaue, National Geographic Your Shot

Structural engineer and Your Shot community member Akira Takaue captured this shot at the Mall of Asia while on a business trip in Manila, Philippines. The city “has a lot of interesting and characteristic architecture,” says Takaue.

LongRich Philippines

LongRich Philippines

Longrich BioScience is now in the Philippines for Health, Beauty and Wellness and Wealth.

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Guess what? A Fly cap for a vine Snake

Guess what? A Fly cap for a vine Snake

A fly lands on the head of a vine snake in the Choco of Colombia

Location: Choco, Colombia
Photo and caption by Robin Moore (National Geographic Channel)

Red Alert?!

Red Alert!

Am I on “Red Alert”?

Ever since I became a part of blogosphere, blogging has become an element of my life. It is within this world where I could generously share some, if not all of my favorite stuffs over the community of weblogs, to a broader extent.  However, it may seem sometimes that I have subconsciously become gripped on matters about it.

Most often, when I wake up each day and every time I am off my laptop computer, things like the following engross my attention:

  • Have I got good topics worth sharing today?
  • What photos will I be sharing? And have I got some?
  • Who have just liked my earlier blog posts?
  • Will I need to get back and double-check some stuff in my earlier postings?
  • Whose blogs will I be checking out?
  • Who will I be following today? Etc.

It may sound odd but these few things really seem to be my personal realities.

Can this be considered as a simple addiction or just plain passion?

Either way, I find blogging more than just a “Red Alert”.  Definitely.

My Twitter Account is Back!

My Twitter Account is Back!

You know the feeling when you wake up early in the morning, checked your email and got a message from Twitter that your account was “suspended”? And you realized that you just deviated one of their TOS. Well, that’s what I had been feeling for 3-days since my account was suspended on Sunday. But I am so glad now that it was back. Yes! Just this morning.

I got an email from Twitter that it would be working fine now and yes, it really is up and running perfectly!

One thing I learned from using any social media is to be responsible always. Sometimes, we unconsciously do some things over the net irresponsibly.

This is a heads up as well to all Twitter users. Don’t let your accounts be suspended and then learn your lessons from it later, with regrets

I am just happy now^^