Can you guess what is this?


Photograph by Suren Manvelyan

Armenia—Beauty is in the beheld eye of a 16-year-old boy in Yerevan. In this highly magnified view of his iris’s surface architecture, the central black pool is the pupil, and his lashes are reflected by the cornea. His eyelids appear as pink rims at top and bottom. (National Geographic)

Visions of Earth 2013 – Photo Gallery – National Geographic Magazine.


Guess what? A Fly cap for a vine Snake

Guess what? A Fly cap for a vine Snake

A fly lands on the head of a vine snake in the Choco of Colombia

Location: Choco, Colombia
Photo and caption by Robin Moore (National Geographic Channel)

It’s no wonder this is the OVERALL Winner


Best Underwater Pictures: Winners of 2013 Amateur Contest.

A Perfect Camouflage


Okefenokee Swamp Photo — Screech Owl Wallpaper — National Geographic Photo of the Day.

I did not notice it until I get a closer look to it!

Did you miss Nemo?


Colorful Sea Creature Photos — National Geographic.

Why Did Penguins Stop Flying? The Answer Is Evolutionary

Why Did Penguins Stop Flying? The Answer Is Evolutionary.

Happy Feet! ^^

The Bird & The Ice Cream Cone

The Bird & The Ice Cream Cone

A perfect-timing photography

Photograph by Jörn Kessels | Foto Kessels on Facebook