Simply Captivating

Simply Captivating

There’s so much reasons to enjoy about life. One of which, greatly, is what Mother Nature freely offers to humankind. Most often, I cannot just help but to steal a moment of capture on some of these beautiful views whenever I go on travel.

This photo is indeed but simple. It’s truly captivating. This was taken during our way to Anawangin Cove in Zambales, Philippines last month (April).



The Beauty of Nature: Anawangin Cove

Background: The majestic view of Anawangin Cove, Zambales, Philippines

Background: The majestic view of Anawangin Cove, Zambales, Philippines

Who would not want to literally love back the nature and everything about it if it gives back the serenity, peace and calmness one is longing for?

As a teenager, I have always been fascinated about nature. Yes. The nature itself and everything about it  I love going to beautiful beaches here in the Philippines. Climb mountains and hills with my friends. Cross the rivers and streams even all by myself. These activities that I have been engaging with since I was in high school, has still been the same after roughly a decade.  And I am pretty sure would remain as it is until I get old.

An adventurous person like me would not stop from seeking opportunities where I could be happy in engaging myself with nature and of course, there should always be an outlet where I could share my experiences to my friends, and family and even to everyone in the world. And I thought, this blog like this would just be one of those great opportunities.

This  photo was taken early of April this year. The view gives you the idea of how beautiful the Anawagin Cove is in Zambales, Philippines.  It was my very first time to visit the place and I easily got in love with it.  I just thought I was like  in a different country. The pine trees, the unique mountain formation was just awesome. I learned that this was all the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the early 90’s.

I could not wait to visit it again next year and more marvelous scenic destinations and get engaged with what the nature has to offer.

This photo is worth a thousand words.