Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines

Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines

Photograph by Dr. Akira Takaue, National Geographic Your Shot

Structural engineer and Your Shot community member Akira Takaue captured this shot at the Mall of Asia while on a business trip in Manila, Philippines. The city “has a lot of interesting and characteristic architecture,” says Takaue.


LongRich Philippines

LongRich Philippines

Longrich BioScience is now in the Philippines for Health, Beauty and Wellness and Wealth.

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Breathtaking Chocolate Hills

Breathtaking Chocolate Hills

A stunning nature formation, Chocolate Hills is just one of the many famous tourist attractions found in the Philippines. It’s justly magnificent that one could hardly believe this is a no man-made artifact.
Its name was derived from its obvious shape and brown coloration especially during summer season. There are more than a thousand of these hills and you would surely appreciate the nature more if you personally get in touch to this breathtaking nature work of art.

A Bravura Piece of Art

A Bravura Piece of Art

For the first time, I visited one of my dear friends in their new office, earlier today. Upon entering the lobby of the building this piece of art really put me in awe, that I did not hesitate to take a photo it. It’s just bravura, I thought!

Beautiful Boracay Beach

Beutiful Boracay Beach

It always feels summer in Boracay Beach, Philippines.

The other side of the Mountain

The other side of the Mountain

“When I walk down the beach and smell the salt water, hear the waves crashing against the shoreline, and feel the granular sand under my feet, I can’t help but realize why I’m here on this green earth”
― Wendy Joubert, Sea Witch

PayPhone, Hello?

PayPhone, Hello?

With the breakthrough of communication devices nowadays such as cellphones, seldom could one see a payphone or public telephone elsewhere, relative to times way back in the 90’s, perhaps.

Yet, its great importance remains significant as far as its sole purpose is concern.

This photo I took earlier today was inside a shopping mall. It is just one of the many payphones you can find inside establishments here in the Philippines, specifically in malls. Its number is still a clear manifestation that many still depend on it for communication, may it be directly or indirectly.

Out of mobile load? Need an emergency call? Go and find one payphone with a penny, and make more Hellos.